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Tara Holmes | Hello Twirl | Dainty Jewelry | Mishawaka, IN | Cultivating Friendships
Tara Holmes | Hello Twirl | Chalcedony Necklace | Dainty Jewelry | Mishawaka, IN | Cultivate Friendships |Honey Shea Studios
Image by: Honey Shea Studios

When a dear friend suggested she introduce me to Honey earlier this summer, I was intrigued. I had heard her name before; I had seen her booth set up at an event or two, but I’d never stopped in to see what she was all about. I’ve never been too into jewelry, and tend to wear the same pieces all the time. It wasn’t until after Tara’s friendly nudge that I realized the local artisan was someone I wanted—dare I say needed? –to know. Around the same time, I had written a blog post about adding a friend or two to my tribe, noting that I had struggled in recent years making new friends because of both trust issues and where I was in my grief journey. I know that seems odd, but after losing my son, I became even more selective about with whom I spent my time. Over coffee and some nibbles at the General Café and Deli in South Bend one overcast spring day, a seed of friendship was planted; in the next couple of months, it was watered, gently attended to, and began to bloom.
Unlike many people I encounter, Honey is the real deal. I was drawn not only to her kind, peaceful demeanor, but also to a light that seems to shine from within. I’ve said it before: Honey lives the mantra Community Over Competition. I have experienced it firsthand. New to the entrepreneurial game, I have approached many people who have offered to help me in various ways, but I’ve never met anyone as dedicated to lifting up others as Honey. Like a bee who serves a greater good when it returns to nourish the hive, Honey follows through in much the same way. She gently nurtures. She facilitates community. She cherishes others’ success. I have seen and felt it.

Tara Holmes | Hello Twirl | Chalcedony Necklace | Dainty Jewelry | Mishawaka, IN | Cultivate Friendships | Honey Shea Studios
Photo by: Josephiney Photography, LLC

As you are a new audience for me, there is little you know about me. I am a single mom raising a 2.75-year-old, living in my childhood home with my parents, venturing into unknown territory to build my own small business via ecommerce and local market events, and an ever-grieving loss mom. Quite frankly, I am a broken mess. I hold it together pretty well in everyday life, but on the inside–man oh man–I’m sometimes a hot mess emotionally (emphasis on the mess). Not many would take a chance on someone like me, especially not a stranger. But Honey took that chance…

Tara Holmes | Hello Twirl | Chalcedony Necklace | Dainty Jewelry | Mishawaka, IN | Cultivate Friendships | Honey Shea Studios
Love Local Art Fair – Granger, IN

A couple of weekends ago, my mom, son, and I visited Honey at one of her market events to show our
support. Although I had made a gift purchase from her before, I had never spent any money on myself
on one of her pieces. I tend to wear the same few pieces of jewelry on a regular basis. My necklace to
honor my 2 boys had recently broken, and I wasn’t wearing anything around my neck (a very strange
feeling for me, as I’ve worn the necklace every moment for almost 5 years).

Tara Holmes | Hello Twirl | Chalcedony Necklace | Dainty Jewelry | Mishawaka, IN | Cultivate Friendships | Honey Shea StudiosI perused the selection in Honey’s gorgeous market set-up and came across a dainty calcedony stone set in a rose gold drop-style necklace. The serene shade of light blue evoked such a sense of calm in me, I had to have it. I carefully removed it from its display and walked it over to Honey. She took it from me and smiled this gentle, knowing smile. She told me she had spent a few hours detangling that very necklace earlier to bring it to the event. At the time, she had no idea why she had done so, as it was something she’d usually save for later. She shared this with me and added that she was so glad she had done so.

And so was I.

This simple anecdote illustrates the role Honey has played in my life in such a short period of time, and it illustrates, I believe, how God works in our lives when we are feeling broken and defeated. I wrote about wanting to meet a new friend or 2. Feeling in many ways unworthy of friendship or kindness, I was introduced to Honey, who slowly took me in. Over the next few months, she began to invest time in detangling me. What she has shown me is that I am worthy of the time. Her acts of kindness have helped to heal some of the empty spaces; there are parts of me that feel less broken thanks to her. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to call her Friend, and to know more of God’s unending love through the gift of friendship I have with Honey.

My sincerest wish for you is to have those in your life who help heal the broken places, and that you may be a friend who helps heal the brokenness in another.


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More about Honey Shea

“Is your name really Honey?” I get this question all the time. Yes it is! My first name is Honey and my middle name is Shea. I am a self-taught solopreneur and jewelry maker. I live in Northern Indiana with my husband, daughter and my cat, Smallville, where I enjoy glamping (when the weather’s good) and the occasional donut. I’ve been a creative since I was a little. Before I started this business, I was an Orthodontic Assistant for 12 years – I still take great pride in my wire bending skills. My husband came up with the name Honey Shea Studios while he was deployed to Kuwait. We both liked the Bible reference and that it’s easy to remember. In life and business, I like to keep things simple and sweet. I’m drawn to minimalist design and understated symbolism. I love making elegant, thoughtful jewelry that will have meaning for the wearer. I’d love to get to know you! Feel free to leave comments.

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