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Delectable Charm | Dainty Jewelry | Mishawaka, IN | Elizabeth Carris | Honey Shea Studios

Sterling Silver Skull necklace shown above (linked)

Soft and dangerous at the same time is how she wanted to express herself. Gentle and hard together simultaneously twisted with just a touch of daring exquisiteness. So she searched her jewelry box and saw the silver skull staring back at her. It was on a black chain with silvered balled sections to give it that edgy vibe. The size made it simple yet elegant and noticeable, while the length made it sleek, just hitting beneath the collar bone. The skull lay deliciously against her pale skin. Untouched by the sun as she’s so fair and her red lips matched the desire she felt as she pulled the clasp with her thumb and fastened the necklace around her neck.  Somehow she got a little lost in her head after she let it fall around her as she ran her fingers over the charm and closed her eyes and smiled with the memories of a night she would never forget. The last time she wore it, she ended up with just the necklace on and dressed in only candle light to see it in. Her lips curled with a grin and she couldn’t help but lick them. She sucked the bottom one in and gave it a little bite in remembrance of him. Just enough pain to draw her back to reality as her fingers still fumbled with the skull just like his fumbled with the zipper on her dress that hazy decadent summer night. Her gaze darkened and her mind was set. Her look was finished with just this little charm that gave her rather large satisfaction and the memory to match. And with that, she was off and ready for her night out.

It doesn’t take much to complete an outfit if you have the right mind set and the ability to draw the eye where you want it. Honey Shea knows how to make a girl feel good with just the right piece. Creating memories with her art and fantasies with her jewelry now that’s some delectable charm!!

Elizabeth Carris
Blogger of Lollipop Day Dreams (linked)


More about Honey Shea

“Is your name really Honey?” I get this question all the time. Yes it is! My first name is Honey and my middle name is Shea. I am a self-taught solopreneur and jewelry maker. I live in Northern Indiana with my husband, daughter and my cat, Smallville, where I enjoy glamping (when the weather’s good) and the occasional donut. I’ve been a creative since I was a little. Before I started this business, I was an Orthodontic Assistant for 12 years – I still take great pride in my wire bending skills. My husband came up with the name Honey Shea Studios while he was deployed to Kuwait. We both liked the Bible reference and that it’s easy to remember. In life and business, I like to keep things simple and sweet. I’m drawn to minimalist design and understated symbolism. I love making elegant, thoughtful jewelry that will have meaning for the wearer. I’d love to get to know you! Feel free to leave comments.

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