Who said friendship bracelets were just for kids?

Celebrate your BFFs with our new, minimalist friendship bracelets!

Best Friend Bracelet | Simple Dainty Jewelry | Honey Shea Studios
Image: Josephiney Photograpy, LLC


The Hexagon Friendship Bracelet has a sterling silver hexagon strung on a soft chestnut deer hide leather. Leather color options: chestnut, black, and turquoise.

We love hexagons here at Honey Shea Studios. And we’re not the only ones; check out this cool email we just received from a new customer @coxnm:

“Just a little tidbit of chemistry information – the hexagon shape is also called a benzene ring.  The aromatic structure makes the benzene ring stronger and more stable than others.  The bonds are hard to break and can also grow stronger.  Just like a relationship between a mother and her kids.”

Thanks @coxnm!

This bracelet is symbolic and beautiful, a small thoughtful gift for someone you love.

And in case you were wondering, this bracelet is super easy to tie on yourself with no assistance. Promise.

xo, Honey




More about Honey Shea

“Is your name really Honey?” I get this question all the time. Yes it is! My first name is Honey and my middle name is Shea. I am a self-taught solopreneur and jewelry maker. I live in Northern Indiana with my husband, daughter and my cat, Smallville, where I enjoy glamping (when the weather’s good) and the occasional donut. I’ve been a creative since I was a little. Before I started this business, I was an Orthodontic Assistant for 12 years – I still take great pride in my wire bending skills. My husband came up with the name Honey Shea Studios while he was deployed to Kuwait. We both liked the Bible reference and that it’s easy to remember. In life and business, I like to keep things simple and sweet. I’m drawn to minimalist design and understated symbolism. I love making elegant, thoughtful jewelry that will have meaning for the wearer. I’d love to get to know you! Feel free to leave comments.

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