Hold on to Hope

  • Hold on to Hope

A wonderful collaboration of two broken hearts on the mend creating a one of a kind necklace to share with the world.

Autumn Rae writes:

Two small pieces coming from the chains and meeting in the middle with a knot. The knot represents hanging on. The two pieces attached to the knot: One represents the life you knew/thought you had that has been severed/cut off.

The other piece representing the life to come/hope for the future/ promises that are in store for you.

In middle knot representing holding on process as life transitions and when everything around you is falling apart, you still have hope to hang on to!

Seven chains: Jeremiah 29:10 talks about Babylon being in captivity for 70 years (7x10). Jeremiah 29:10-14 has been her scripture that she has been clinging to through this season. That Jesus will end the captivity and restore the fortunes that were lost.

Autumn Rae's hopes that one day, some beautiful redemption story will come from all of this pain. In my life, in my girls' life, and in any woman's life who has walked through life after an affair!

*100% of the proceeds of this necklace will go to Autumn Rae

* Please note this item is not available for free shipping.

Sterling Silver chain with three sterling silver hammered links with a little rose gold wire work adding seven rose gold chain tassels for that special added touch.

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